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One of the most neglected areas of the automotive business is the care of commercial fleets. Capital Car Care was designed to meet the needs of fleet and company vehicles.

Our fleet customers receive priority service, including free pick up and delivery, superior quality service, highly-trained technicians and of course, fleet pricing.

Keeping up with automotive repair on one vehicle is hard enough. For business owners who own a fleet of cars, automotive service is even more crucial. Having a company vehicle die on the job can not only mean costly repairs, but also lost profits as the car sits in the automotive repair shop.

Having reliable automotive fleet service can be a lifesaver and a great way to protect your business and your assets. Below are some of the ways that fleet service can help you keep your business in action with excellent automotive service.


Catch problems early - With a dedicated team of automotive service technicians working on your fleet, you can be sure that most problems will be found early. When automotive repair is done early, it can help prevent additional damage and wear and tear on your vehicles.
Cut down on automotive repair time - The technicians at your fleet service shop will know your cars well after a few visits. They will be able to fix your car issues much quicker because of their detailed knowledge of your fleet and each vehicle’s condition.
Convenient scheduling - With fleet service, you can conduct automotive repair work when it’s most convenient for your business. If Friday afternoons are not very busy for your company, then schedule repair work at that time. Schedule all your automotive service for the days and hours when your fleet service won’t be as busy.

We also offer convenient billing options for our fleet customers, including:
• Major Credit Cards
• National Account Billing
• Fuelman Billing
• Fleet Service Pricing
• Federal and State Contract
• Terms of Net 30 (for qualified accounts, call for details)